2021 Exhibitions - SPF Dipol
21 December 2020

Dear friends and colleagues!

Unfortunately, because of the unfavourable epidemiologic present situation most of exhibitions of 2021 where we planned to meet and to present our innovations have been transferred or even cancelled. So our meeting in Dortmund at Jagd und Hund 2021 will possibly take place only in May, and Nurnberg «IWA Outdoor classic» is transferred to 2022. But we hope it will come to an end soon and we will meet again.

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30 anniversary!
11 September 2020

Dear Friends! These days DIPOL has been celebrating a significant date of its history. September, 1990 – that hard time for our country and people, a group of like- minded people came to a conclusion to create a company and…

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Jagd und Hund 2021
10 September 2020

“Dipol” Company will take part in the exhibition “Jagd und Hund 2021”, which will be held in Dortmund (Germany) from February 2 to 7, 2021. Follow the news!

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14 July 2020

Dear friends! To our great regret, the IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS 2020 exhibition did not take place during pandemic situation with COVID 19. However, we believe that in 2021 we will meet again at the largest European exhibition for hunters –…

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D400 DNS now with IR-illuminator in delivery
14 March 2020

Good news! The D400 DNS now includes an IR illuminator! NPF Dipol meets its customers halfway and now the delivery set of the D400 DNS digital attachment / monocular includes a low-visibility diode IR illuminator with a wavelength of 850…

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