About us - SPF Dipol

Research and Production Company “Dipol” is a well-known Belarusian manufacturer of night vision devices and thermal imaging devices used by professionals around the world for hunting and observation.
Products of NPF “Dipol” are distinguished by an optimal combination of optomechanical characteristics and cost. The production base of the enterprise allows for a full technological cycle of work: mechanical processing, optical and electronic assembly of devices. All devices are designed for further use in harsh operating conditions: high humidity, vibration, shock, which leads to increased attention to the selection of components and special care during production. All night vision devices and thermal imaging devices in the production process undergo systematic control and reliability tests by the quality control department with all the necessary certified alignment and metrological equipment.
Some original developments in optics, design and individual products are used by other companies. Thus, the design of the head mount (helmet-mask), developed at the NPF “Dipol” (patent No. 169, Republic of Belarus), is used by most manufacturers of NVD and thermal imagers around the world.

Our history


SPF “Dipol” was founded in 1990 by a team of scientists – specialists in the field of optoelectronic development, which further determined the unique synthesis of the scientific and technical approach in the development and production of night vision devices and thermal imaging devices.


At the SPF “Dipol” for the first time a thermal imaging device was developed and produced, which functioned on the basis of the principle of optical-mechanical scanning.



On the SPF “Dipol” was started serial production of modern thermal imaging devices based on uncooled bolometers.


The SPF “Dipol” moved to a new production building, which made it possible to organize the production cycle of processing and assembly in one place


30 anniversary
The SPF “Dipol” – 30 years of intensive work, search of optimal way outs, success and faults.

Our team
President Vladimir Mikhnevich President Vladimir Mikhnevich