FAQ - SPF Dipol
Service & Warranty

The SPF DIPOL warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the moment of initial purchase from authorized distributor or from the manufacturing date if there is no receipt to prove purchase.To avoid any problems, we recommend becoming familiar with the device’s user manual.

The warranty does not cover any external damage to the device, its casing or adjustable parts’ movements (i.e. smooth movement or rough movement). The manufacturer has the right to render the warranty null and void in the following cases:

– if the device has been modified or tampered with,
– if the device has been dropped or has marks of mechanical or chemical
– if the device has been tampered with by unauthorized repair,
– if the device has been damaged as a result of fire or natural disasters,
– if the device has been damaged as a result of liquids or other substances getting inside,
– if the serial number of the device has been modified, rubbed off, removed or is illegible.

In the event of activating the warranty repair service, please contact the distributor where the device was purchased or contact the us any convenient way.

Please note:
The period of time during which the SPF DIPOL provides repair service for the products on the market is five years from the day of sale or if it’s impossible to define, from the date of production.
During this period the manufacturer provides both warranty and non-warranty service for your product.

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