D400 DNS
D400 DNS

High-quality imaging

The device has a highly sensitive 1.3 inch 752 x 576 CCD sensor and a high contrast OLED microdisplay with 1024 x 768 resolution. This combination provides high quality imaging for precise detection and recognition of distant objects at temperatures from -20 to +50 °C. The integrated contrast enhancement mode ensures a very good picture even in very low light.

Large exit pupil

The 30mm exit pupil ensures larger eyebox and better viewing comfort for more quickness and accuracy.

Aluminum housing

Very robust and light aluminum housing efficiently conducts the heat out of the device and ensures effective cooling and flawless operation.

External microUSB

External power sources such as Powerbanks can be connected via micro USB slot. By order the device is supplied with a USB cable and a locking cap.

Power efficiency

The low power consumption of video sensor increases the operating time to over 4 hours when using batteries from well-known brand manufacturers. A power bank with 5000 mAh can even triple this time.

Simple and intuitive control

Like all DIPOL devices, the D400 DNS have a simple and intuitive control – a very successful concept in diverse hunting situations.

A practical menu is mastered with just one controller, which is also used for quick image and thermal sensor performance adjustments. The MENU controller is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

Simple adjustment concept

Very simple adjustment concept enables repeatable accurate mounting and precise sighting without additional material costs.

Additional IR illuminator

By using of the original diode IR illuminator (included in the delivery package) the detection and recognition distance can be significantly increased. The beam brightness and size of the lighting spot (no bigger than 4 m on 100 m) can be smoothly adjusted and “invisible” illumination enabled due to wavelength of 940 nm.

Technical data
Sensor, array format, resolution pix
1.3“ 752х576
Display technology, resolution pix
OLED 1024 x768
Focal length, mm
Magnification, Х
Night angle of view, degree
5.4° х 4,12°
Day angle of view, degree
4° х 4°
Detection range (object of 0.5×1.8m), m
up to 450
Recommended day optic magnification
Spectral response, μm
400 – 1000
Wake-up time, sec
Supply voltage / batteries type, quantity
3,2V / CR123A Lithium, 2 pcs
Supply voltage / accumulator type, quantity
3.7V / LC16340 – 2 pcs
Outer power source – Jack 2.1 plug
8V – 14.6V
Outer power source – microUSB plug
Operating time (at +20°C), hour
Operating temperature, °C
–20 … +50
Impact load, G
Degree of protection by IEC 60529
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Additional photo