Aluminium housing

Very robust and light aluminum housing efficiently conducts the heat out of the device and ensures effective cooling and flawless operation.

Shutterles (SL) Technology

The high-performance thermal image sensor delivers an uninterrupted image without delays with a signal transmission frequency of 50 Hz. Sensor has a very robust construction with high shock resistance.

Large OLED microdisplay

A high quality image due to 1024×768 display resolution and wide operating temperature range from -20 to +50 C°. The integrated contrast enhancement system ensures a sharp image of objects with even smallest temperature differences.

Power efficiency

The low power consumption of the thermal imaging sensor increases the operating time to over 2,5 hours when using batteries from well-known brand manufacturers. A power bank can increase this time significantly.

Like all DIPOL devices, the D55TSR PRO have a simple and intuitive control – a very successful concept in diverse hunting situations.

A practical menu is mastered with just one controller, which is also used for quick image and thermal sensor performance adjustments. The MENU controller is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

Long detection range

Due to maximized heat conduction, the new lens (40mm) delivers a high-contrast and detailed image in very high resolution. Object detection and recognition are now possible at distances of 2800m / 900m.

Video recording

With the integrated video recording function you can capture the most precious moments of your hunt. Recording format is 960×720 pix. The distance-dependent vertical focusing ensures high image quality and precision.

Jack 2.1 & micro USB

External power sources such as Powerbanks can be connected via micro USB or Jack 2.1 slot. The device is supplied with a UPS cable and a locking cap.

Technical data
Sensor, array format/ Pixel pitch
Spectral response, μm
Frame rate, Hz
Lens: focal length
Field of view, degree
7.1° х 5.3°
Detection range (Johnson criteria), m
Recognation range (Johnson criteria), m
Built-in night rangefinder: measurement range, m
up to 1200
Microdisplay, type, resolution pixel
OLED 1024x768
Palette, quantity/inversion
9+1 / yes
Diopter range, dptr
Eye relief distance, mm
Exit pupil of eyepiece, mm
Maximum impact load, G
Reticle adjustment steps, cm / of 100 m distance
Power supply, batteries quantity, type
2 x CR123A Lithium
Power supply, accumulator quantity, type
2 х LC16340
External power, voltage/plug
9,5-14,5 v / DC 5,5х2,1 or 5 V / microUSB
Operating time (at +20°C), hour (without recording)
Operating temperature, °C (with remote source)
-20 ... +50
Videorecording temperature range , °C
-15 ... +50
Degree of protection by IEC 60529
Dimensions (LxBxH), mm
234 x 102 x 119
Weight, kg